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Hello everyone!

Before I knew about all this full makeover on ListNerds, I was trying to come up with a new chapter for my Guide inside CTP Blueprint. I was gathering up the lessons I got from the 3 Steps no Excuses Challenge.

Even with all the cool changes that ListNerds got through, there are things that are still important to take note of and take action!

I present you...the Nerd Nuggets!


#1 Watch the Tutorials, Read the FAQ's and Laminate the Whitepaper

Well don't need to be that nerdy like @jongolson and laminate, but you can download the ListNerds whitepaper or click your username at the bottom left corner!

90% of your questions can be quickly answered through it, as well as through FAQ's and Video Tutorials. These can be found at the same menu at the corner!

The video tutorials can be found as well on your Dashboard in the form of Steps:

We did our best to cover all that should be needed for you to be able to use it with no struggle. Nevertheless, if you feel something is missing, let us know :)

#2 Keep your Emails Simple...But Not Too Much

Even if we now have the motivation to read Nerd Mails with the rewards you can get, doesn't mean you will keep copying and pasting all those unsexy generic and looonggg texts or just "Click here Now"...It's all about balance and simplicity! And most importantly: be yourself!

#3 Subject Lines

The most important thing about your email!! This is where you should give extra time because it is the first thing the Nerds will see from you so you need to be creative! Sometimes it is not easy to come up with something right away so I normally write the email body first and try to get something from there. At least you know it’s in context.

I went for a quick “talk with Uncle Google” and the headline of one of the searches grabbed my attention – that’s a sign they are pros in this lol

#4 Bullet Points

The best way to get to the point! No pun intended, I just don’t recall another word in English lol

Your emails should be as simple as possible because the probability of the person really reading your email is almost none since they are mostly going for the link to get MAIL tokens so you need to be direct and creative!

3 to 5 bullet points should be enough or it gets too extensive but test it out!
Your emails should be short and sweet and direct! Don’t even think about pitching! That will make the scrolling to the link quicker!
Try to understand what people are looking for, besides getting tokens. That is why is good to have something to offer or a lead magnet!
Be creative and pay attention to their possible needs.

#5 Call to Action

All the parts are important, but this one is where you want people to go directly with no detours!

If there's something you want your readers to do, this is it.

On a simple splash page of lead capture page, is a big and colourful button. In an email, you can use your HTML skills to make a button for example. So you need to, again, be creative! Highlight your call to action phrase and link with other colours, make it bold, etc

#6 Build a following by adding your Social Media

You don't need to always add/share/promote affiliate links. On ListNerds you have the ability to add more than one link to your emails. You can add your Social Media, your Profile links like Hive, or even the traditional Social Media so people can connect and engage with you and you can start building relationships right there!

#7 Share your Content

This was a cool idea and some people put it into action almost right away after the relaunch!

To continue to build your list of followers, people need to get to know you and nothing better than sharing your content with them! You might have just done a blog post through your WordPress Page and/or Hive about something that might be valued for others so why not take advantage of this platform and bring awareness to your content through it?

Promote yourself and your content, always!

#8 Ask Questions

Sometimes it is difficult to find a niche or a group of people that resonate with your content and skill or you already have a small audience but you want to spread and grow it. It is also difficult sometimes to come up with content that brings value to your audience. You have the entire ListNerds crowd to ask questions! For each email you send you can ask different questions around your niche and because it’s a bigger audience, you may have a few replies and through those, you will have specific topics/struggles and you can create content based on them. Then you can email them again with the post you created, they will notice that you read them and you gave value to their struggles, getting you to that trust level that you want to achieve!

#9 Treat People as People

Wise words from ours truly, Jon Olson!

It doesn’t get as clear as that! It’s no use to do the “fake it till you make it” or “pitch till you make it”, if you don’t like people doing that to you, don’t do it to others! Simple as that!

For example, there are a lot of marketers still believing in aggressive selling or manipulative selling through the phone! I HATE people spamming me from the phone! When I don’t recognize the phone number, my first reflex is to go to Uncle Google and ask him where this phone comes from! I even have a phone app telling me if it’s a spammer or not!

I will never call you, promise! Unless you ask! Or if really need to talk to you for other reasons!

Never pitch!!

If you need to talk to me from the phone or even a voice call from Telegram or Discord, just ask by the way!

Give value to your emails enough for the reader to get excited for the next one! If you don’t email or at least more often, how will your readers know when they will see the next email?

Surprises are good but the consistency or expectation like waiting for the next episode of a good series is important! Unless it's Game of Thrones’s level of waiting for one episode a year, you need to email more often!

And always, ALWAYS, give the value your readers deserve! Because not everyone will be willing to follow you, engage with you or subscribe to you!

#10 Track and Test

Having the Mail History comes in handy for you to track how the Nerds are reacting to your emails. The upvoting feature helps, even more, to see if you are on a good path or you need to add some changes to improve it.

Set different body emails with different subject lines. Change colours, text size, the text itself, add buttons, send them at different times of the day and so on.

I'm sure that are many other nuggets that you can come up with, but most of these work outside ListNerds, like blog posts!

I hope this helps you somehow and keep improving yourself :)

Thank you so much for reading!

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