Back on Arch!

Welp, I dun went an did it!

Ecency Desktop running on InstantOS (Arch Linux)

Why? Because as much as I like AV Linux MXE there is something about a desktop environment that wears on me. Especially after youve been spoiled by using a window manager. The speed and efficiency of just manuvering around on the screen is so much faster.

Using a mouse you have to first find your pointer then figure out what you want to click, etc. Window manager oh hell no. Dont even take your eyes off the screen. Tap, tap, tap, enter. I dont know about you but I can tap a whole lot more keys in the full second it takes me to move a mouse cursor.

After trying to record the same video twice and having it fail both times. I got mad and went back to something I knew would work. Thats one machine down. Gonna go do another one tomorrow morning.

Till then, Good night my Hive friends.

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