Summer is a great time for multi-day trips to nature!

The idea to gather in this campaign arose spontaneously. The fact is that my wife is a yoga coach and she has many friends who support this initiative. When she invited friends to go with tents on the river Bank, we were supported by many adventurers.

We're experienced hikers. The fact is that usually during the summer we get out in such trips several times a season. The weather promised to be Sunny, mosquitoes in the woods are small, so our camp on a high Bank at this time turned out to be surprisingly successful.

The first day was a hassle. It was necessary to bring wood from the forest and build a fire. There are a lot of trees, but to cut them is impossible, and there is no need, because there are a lot of dry thick branches that fall from above and lie idle. They are great fuel for a fire!

Cooking during the campaign - a responsible thing. It is not difficult to cook for your family, but when there are almost two dozen people, you need a lot of dishes and a lot of food to all had enough.

It is good that our camp is located under young oaks. It does not penetrate the direct rays of the sun, so there is not as a millstone, as on the river Bank. In the open field you can play ball, and badminton. If there is a fishing rod, you can safely fish in a small river.

The first day ended quickly. On the evening have a fire well! You can talk, and if there is a guitar, then sing songs. Incredibly, my fingers still remember a few chords, and my voice sounds as cheerful as when I was young!

Night has passed surprisingly without problems. It was warm to sleep, because everyone took warm clothes and wrapped in a sleeping bag. After midnight I woke up only once because some loud bird was screaming. It must have been an owl.

In the morning this place is incredibly beautiful. We got up early, when it was still cool, and the sun barely rose on the horizon. If you go down to the river, you can see scraps of fog and scenic views. If we had stayed here for a couple of days, I would have sat down to draw, but we have to leave today and so I did not even pull out the paper and pencil from my backpack.

In the afternoon we took a walk towards the memorial complex "Partizanskaya Polyana". These places were fighting during the great Patriotic war and now there is an open-air Museum. I will definitely tell you about it another time and publish a lot of pictures.

Photos was made by smartphone camera OUKITEL K10000

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