Who's to blame for my shortcomings?

It doesn't matter who or what you are an enemy is easily made. You can do your best but out of experiences I can tell no one cares about you as a person, no one cares about the circumstances you have to deal with to realize something.
Societies aren't social or democratic either are schools, countries, platforms, is the media.
There's always one person behind all of it. This person isn't philanthropy but wants to earn, be noticed, rule.

With fear everything is possible. Dirty wars are still fought today and will never end. These wars aren't better if someone shouts it's done in name of the country, God or it was a democratic decision to leave the sinking ship and let everyone die.

Till today people cite what the Nazis did but they are blind if it comes to what we do to others at this very moment, how we treat each other. We scold, punish because we believe it's our right.
Someone behind the screens has a good laugh because this is how dictators work, and a battle, wars are won. As long as people fight each other they have no attention for the leader, the person who set this all up. A somebody who doesn't care about black, white, gender-neutral, women being raped, children abused, genuine pigs, beagles, five-month-old fetuses being scalped for the test with rats. A senile man no one with common sense would believe.

If entire populations are scared enough, hungry, depressed, start seeing ghosts in every room even in the daytime, are nuts enough to swallow everything, it is a piece of cake to reign. After all, people love to remain blind to the truth. The truth is too complicated.

So we finally give in and go for that jab and even sign it's fine, we won't sue anyone no matter what happens to us. We beg for the Dion pill, jump in front of a train and watch how 50% of our pupils commit suicide. Children who can no longer live with Orwell's world while we keep hoping and say we go back to normal soon.


That world we long for was not good, not normal. We always picked on people. The number of bullies, criminals increased year after year. The prisons have waiting lists and the number of crimes goes hand in hand with the level of the community's IQ which drops year after year.

The world won't end with a big bang but a huge murder festival. One we all volunteered for or are dragged into because if we don't, we get scolded, hunted and die too. Blamed by those without a backbone, those who live in fear. The fear to miss a holiday, the fear to be the pariah, the fear to be alone, unwanted, not missed except and not allowed to visit the museum, to wear that Covid-star. All those fears except the fear to miss out because of doing something good for someone else. Good, generous, satisfied and respect are words not printed in our personal dictionary. We only expect it from others.

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