RE: My Farewell Post

You are severely cortically-challenged and a degenerated, disgusting filth who is a danger to many trustworthy users and by no means any moral authority here. There will be a day when you will not be an admin on this blockchain and that is going to be a very happy day for many users you had unrightfully attacked, terrorised, and stole resources from (including badges). The blockchain shows all how much of a pathetic and severally-cortically challenged scumbag you are. One which, once again, doesn't even deserve a spit, hypocritical liar, and sneaky thing you are. What a disgusting creep, moron, and imbecile you can be... There are literally no limits to your injustice and wrongdoings. You are the personification of fakery, forgery, and evil here. You are pastiche and I hope other admins will take care of you and your squad of hysterical downvoters, sooner or later...

You have no idea what honest work is, you horrendous filth. You are just a sadistic animal murderer and a blockchain terrorist to other users. Many which are exponentially more emotionally intelligent than you will ever be in ten lifetimes from now (and let's just talk emotional intelligence here, which is a very, very foreign and distant concept for the wretched mind of a stupid brute like you and perhaps your acolytes, not that I would care that much, fortunately).

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