My Farewell Post

Good day, everyone! Today I decided to write my farewell post here on HIVE, as I promised some time ago. I would hereby like to express all my gratitude for those who had supported me (many times unconditionally here) and who upvoted my work. I would also like to say many thanks to all the nice people I befriended here and to be grateful for how (mostly) cool the HIVE experience has been for me. I would also like to thank all those who did not believe in me or who insulted or resorted to false accusations here regarding me (you had only made me stronger).

Image source: Pixabay

Regardless of the last category (which I won't name because it is superfluous and utterly futile), I would like to be very grateful and express my utmost gratitude for being part of this blockchain for quite some time, practising my writing skills in the process and in so doing growing and evolving as a human being. I know I am not perfect (of course, I am not Norwegian), but I know very well that I did some good points here and I know even better that I couldn't have possibly done them without you my friends. Here's to you, wonderful people! I truly hope you will have an excellent HIVE experience in the future and that you will keep on growing and evolving here and beyond HIVE! It was an honour and a privilege for me to be part of this amazing community throughout the passage of time! Thank you for everything! 🙂

Hats off, folks! Here's my last musical tribute to you!

P.S. Here's a nice postcard I just found on Pixabay as my last visual farewell token if you will. All the best!

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