Artificial Intelligence & Privacy

Data is the new gold and companies who hold a lot of information do own a kind of goldmine. for example Facebook, the businessmodel is clear....They present you a 'great' platform to share your stories, photo's and read others.. For free. You do pay but only with your own information. Facebook therefor use a lot of Artificial intelligence on your data to get valuable information. Artificial Intelligence uses algorithms to enrich the data or to combine data and learns again from it to even get more valuable information out of it.

You will understand that this manner needs loads and loads of data and therefore becoming a risk for ones privacy. A lot of people don't bother, they say things like "I have nothing to hide" and stuff like that but.........It's not about if you have or haven't something to hide, it is all about being in control about your own data or information and you decide with whom you want to share it and which amount of information.

although artificial intelligence is becomming more popular then ever , when you put the privacy regulation (GDPR for instance) against it, the development of AI has to be redesigned. Whith that I mean that they (developers of AI) have to put the privacy regulation rules into account with working the data. Therefore the result of the datasets will be much more 'anonymous' thus less valuable.

Something to think of isn't it....

I am not a big 'privacy preacher ' but I do value for being boss of your own data..

Have a great evening !!


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