Permindex, Covid19, and JFK: Malthusian Genocide is Coming for You

This is why I follow Ft. Russ News. I seek as broad and diverse an array of information resources as possible, because so many of them are all too often misinformation, propaganda, and tainted by covert agencies dedicated to misleading me and all free people in order to profit from our incapacity to act reasonably on factual information to increase our prosperity and deliver that legacy to our posterity. Some might think a news outlet linked to Russia hopelessly tainted.

If you have thought so, watch this.

I taste the truth in that lecture. I don't care where the truth comes from, whether the farting arse of Satan himself, or the hallowed mouth of God, I shall seek it and take hold of it wherever it is found.

Ft. Russ News published this here [Note: I do not just resteem it because many will just ignore it if I do], and with it comes an article of no less significance.

Drop your psychological conditioning long enough to read it with an open mind. [Note: no one that has ever read a word I have written will find me to agree with the closing implications of the author of that article that China seeks our benefit. I believe Xi Jinping is an evil dictator posturing, and untold numbers of his victims would testify to his savage brutality, were they not stripped of their organs terminally, and dead. Despite my philosophical disagreements with the author, I have realized the same facts he cites in that essay that he uses to support his collectivist derangement in fact actually reveal a decentralized future that lies at our fingertips, and which we can deliver as our legacy to those who depend on us to leave them a better world than we inherited.]

Your life, the lives of your children, and the future of humanity are at stake. Maurice Strong, the CIA, the Royalty of Europe, and the UN are after your lives and freedom, so they can own everything in the world, and make you a pet, at best - if you are one of the lucky ones they allow to live.

We can observe today the beginning of a global genocide and imposition of Empire of the investor, by the investor, and for the investor, in which they envision deploying the power, as so many psychopaths in history have, to call themselves gods, and amuse themselves by toying with your life.

More than ever, I say decentralization is freedom. Not pretenses at it like Hive actually is, identical in it's governance mechanism to Steem, which we can clearly observe is wholly governed at the sole option of the largest faction of stakehodlers of Steem today, which happens to be Sun Yuchen alone, while on Hive it is a small oligarchy of whales that mined their stakes just like @ned.

Remember that users come and go, but institutions are undying, and Hive is an institution controlled today by certain of it's users exactly as Steem is controlled by Sun. When they sell their stakes like @ned did, or die and leave it to their executors to dispose of, what will keep Hive from simply following Steem into rampant censorship?

I have been heard by these powerful stakehodlers recently regarding censorship, and I must acknowledge that they intend on freedom of speech on Hive insofar as they can undertake it, AFAIK. I beseech them here to consider that it is because they care about humanity, about society, and people, that they resist censorship, and that they are as human, and mortal, as any of us, and our voices.

Just as growing your own food in a garden frees you from the need for glyphosate drenched Monsanto products to feed your family, seizing the means of manufacturing 3D printing is, or of pharmaceuticals CRISPR is, or mesh networking is of freedom to associate online, undertake to secure Hive from the potential of nothing more scarce than more money than you have to take it over.

Society is so much more than it's economy. People so much more than 'legal persons'. The future of humanity hangs in the balance across every field of human endeavor today, and our parasitic predators demonstrably press now to enslave us, and our children.

Act to be free. If you alone are free, you are a slave to solitude. Act on your principles to secure your posterity by securing society from known hazard, that is certainly seeking our downfall and enslavement today.

Ask me to help, if you want. What I have I will provide.

Only be free, and help your fellows to be free alongside you.

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