Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication?



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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication is one of the infamous quotes these days. And we have seen many billionaires following the path of simplicity. At first glance simplicity and sophistication sounds antagonistic. But still they also go hand in hand.

Simplicity is the state of being open, free, living with bare minimum. Living a minimalistic life is a great example of simplicity. Simplicity shows tendency towards a clutterless life like living decently without disturbing then environment and being resilient in itself. On the other hand, sophistication sounds like a superior tendency, perfectionist or being ultimate in itself. The core difference between simplicity and sophistication is that one lies in less and one lies in more. To be simple requires less and to be sophisticated it requires refinement, evolving and becoming higher highs. To be simple is a reduction process and to be sophisticated is an addition process.

Although the quote looks perfect at the initial glance but it is more than being just simple. Nature is a very complex thing and at the base of every natural thing lies the complexion. For example evolution is not a simple process. And when the complexion is the fabric of nature then simplicity as a sophistication becomes a point for further analysis. To become simple is in itself a hard pursuit and very few can lead on it. When the environment is varying, it requires variation as well. Hence being simple only is very hard and almost next to an tedious, rigid way of leading a life. Sophistication sounds like a perfect thing to have but it requires a greater degree of resources. For example to be a master of a subject or a game one require additional things, books, guides, ways and approach. To become sophisticated is an iterative task. It requires refinement at progressing levels.

Since to become simple and sophisticated seems like a hard to achieve thing, it is being welcomed globally in modern days. Billionaires adopting simplicity and tending a simple life. Governments making their process simple to become more accessible. From shopping to booking tickets, a lot of things have become simple and it has reduced so many intermediary steps. Indian culture has simplicity as a core value in its bottom. Buddhism, Jainism and many other ancient sects are showing a greater tendency of being simple yet sophisticated. Indian culture for being simple is grabbing attention and is also receiving higher praises from western world. The global mass is now showing significant interest in leading a simple life and this is because that everything around us from gadgets to emotions are so complex that it often exhaust the capacity of understanding it. Chandragupt maurya, after establishing the foundation of one of the coming great empire of India, leaded a simple life with the saint named Bhadrabhau. Ashoka- the great emperor of India, after Kaling war, accepted Dhamma as the way of living. The great ancient literature of Indian culture shows the process of becoming simpler and simpler with the time. From Vedas to upanishad.

At times, the time itself demand different approaches. One can't lead a flexible life in this dynamic world with a rigid approach. Time demands change and change leads to evolution. So if one accepts to be simple in every form of life then it is not at all a simple life. One can try being simpler in all sections of life and can find how hard is it to continue. This goes same for being complex in all forms. Hence, at times a person is needed to be like a switch. For example, Former PM Atal bihari vajpayee or Former President Dr.A PJ Abdul Kalam, shows the dynamism. They were complex in inside, in their core part of the life which can be their work and administration. But when it came to the public, they became simpler so that anyone can understand their views.

A person must balance inbetween various qualities. A person must be prepared to adopt and comprehend the changes. Not one way of leading life is absolute. There is a continuum approach which is needed to be followed. The thing is to not to be extreme but to be at fair degree to become ultimate sophisticated. One must understand the complexity of being simple. When one reaches a point where he/she finds the essence of happiness in most of their parts of life, he/she has reached the peak of simplicity. He/she has became the sophisticated in simplicity.






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