The Times Of Crises Are Great Opportunity For Bad Attitudes Coming Out Of The Closet


Now is the time for kindness!! There are many people being mean under the guise of ideology. There is much scapegoating and blame for the current situation. Blame on the gov't, minority groups, evil corporations etc. It's all old hat and really comes out of the closet in crises time. These bad attitudes are nothing new.


Been a busy week too! Now I will have some more free time. People are acting up because we are in our 3rd wave and restaurants are shutting down again. Sexism, racism and homophobia are being spewed by people allot lately. Wild conspiracy theories are flying as usual, mostly from the anti-lockdown folks. I don't really want to get into it too much. Time for me to focus again and not be distracted by what people say on social media. It is disappointing and draining. In the meantime many restaurants in the small towns I'm around in will try and defy the stay closed to public indoors orders. So yea it's pretty stressful time


I will express myself in some poetry and music! I want to make so more digital art as well! Have a couple food posts coming up. I'm adding some lyrics to a song right now. I will take all the info from the narratives and process it. I don't get it yet I'm understanding the characters and narratives better.

I'm going to get out a bit this evening then will probably make another post. I will stay off most social media too so that I can concentrate better. I'm starting to feel better and more energy

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