Quick Post Of Actualization Before I Head Out For The Day

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I feel it's time to press forward to keep up changing my situation and growing. So much has gone one to wake me up and on. I feel my creative talents growing while facing problems that seemed insurmountable. I've felt isolation major and even more so now with the pandemic, so I am opening up more. Even to people around that aren't my friends yet. I find most of my old friends toxic yet know I can't avoid people or try to hide away. I think some new pals are coming.


The deemed debt situation from back taxes are ridiculous, I feel work is torture. Yet gotta take the work when it comes for survival and to stave off the threat of homelessness. I've always been building something up in the background for a different life. That's where my music, art, philosophy and all around creativity comes in to play. I don't think anyone can quite understand what I am trying to do but I must do it.

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Don't know what else to say right now. Guess it's time to start the day. Have a bit of work and errands. Hopefully am not too tired so I can get onto more building up of my projects. Look forward to getting back for more fun endeavours.

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