Next 3 Glitch Video Clips Talking About Various Things!!

I've let myself express myself more on these video clips! I've been sharing my mind online at least since MySpace!! Unfortunately those blogs are deleted and the login unrecoverable! Then f.b. steem, hive. Now I'm on tik Tok. Seems to be helping. Been getting just a bit more attention lately. Then I upload the clips to YouTube.

This video is about taking apart conspiracy theory. How they shield the collective psyche from the ugly truth!

I've been having fun with this! I like getting my unique ideas out while having my own soundtrack music in the background!

This next video talks about how I read 2 things in different books and put them together. I read in one book the atoms of the universe are 10 to the 80, in another book it says the chances of you being born you are 10 to the 2000. I think if allot of authors got together they could exchange ideas. As a reader and thinker I can do that for them too. That's super cool I think

In this last one I mention my cousin who just died last night! No gory details. Just that she had a drug use issue. This makes me think of all the vulnerable people I have known. They need more help and psychological visibility instead of just being written off with stereotypes and put downs.

I like mixing my music while artistically glitching the video! I have some more and am making more to keep the conversation and interest growing. I'm getting thinking more with more creativity lately. Something awful like my cousin dying shocks me into doing right and remembering all her gifts.

I'd like to share these music links with you! They enhance my life! Looking forward to releasing some more music soon on the streaming services

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