Heard Interesting Stat On The Radio. Could Be A Breakthrough Momento

About 80% of telephone calls to police are mental health related. Wow that is the breakthrough hot ticket fact of the day for me, pretty much says it all!! That that's how difficult and distressing the current situation is for people. I think if people are having some kind of breakdown/through they are actually feeling this right. There is nothing wrong with them (in a real sense). That stat exemplifies and adds to the fact that the people who work in the to serve and protect agency do not have proper mental health/de-escalation training. I noticed earlier that people experiencing distress are treated very badly and some have lost their lives because of health check calls where police arrive instead of mental health professionals...well I also hear the white coats are not much better either!! Believe it. To me that says so much about what is going on with the culture right now. It shows what can become the focus


Perhaps that is a political/cultural take people could take on - the mental health related issue without cops or white coats involved!! Haha it's kind of a neo-hippy idea I have where we can be each other's therapists!! Don't rely on the industries, corporations, governments, media etc. Still I know I cannot heal other people on my own, takes community for sure, best I can do sometimes is just plant an idea/notion, give 'em something to think about. Some may be extreme/seem beyond help, yet at the same time showing that the dealth-cult culture that hazes people to feel like trash is super boring!! Life is more exciting!!

I'm glad I'm starting to think on this, took some energy....

Ok well I'm drifting off now, gotta sleep soon, still I feel that spark of excitement for a change idea, even if it's in my head... 'could be huge, remembering that I do have some big ideas that I can let loose. I want to get to relax and pump up. I feel that extra dimension just writing this out now, it's a great reminder of grand ideas in my brain.