I tried to change people, now I will change myself !

Hello everyone 👋 I want to share my thoughts and experiences with you.


I am a very positive and active person by nature. There are very big problems in life, but I always try to be positive and keep myself in control. Unfortunately, in my country there are a lot of people who consume alcohol in large quantities. And it doesn't matter if they have problems or not, they decided to escape reality into such a state.

The worst thing is that they have children who see their parents in such a state. They are violent and unpredictable. They hurt children. I tried to change several of these acquaintances. I tried to change their attitude towards life and family. But it's easier for them to make themselves a victim. The whole world is against them, and they are offended by life.

But unfortunately, a person cannot be changed if he does not want to. I am very sorry for my time and energy, which I wasted. INow I communicate with people who understand me, with whom we have a lot in common and we are comfortable together 👫 Wise and positive people, thank you for having me 🙏💃🤩❤️👋 Thank you for your attention, I hope for your comments 💃💃💜💋👍🙏

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