List of countries that I visited so far

Hi everyone,

I keep a log of the countries that I visited so far (both as tourist, or with business), and today I found a tool to visualize this better:


As today, there're 25 countries that I visited so far, located on four different continents. Of course, living most of my life in Europe, is also visible on this map. But so far, the most interesting trips that I had were outside the "old continent".

A zoom on my European list of visited countries:

Why I'm writing now about this topic? Because every year I'm making plans for visiting at least two new places, and now I'm in the dreaming mood for my next trips.

With the COVID-19 situation the world is messed up at the moment, and I expect it to remain the same for next year(s). Therefore, the smartest idea is probably to remain in Europe, and explore a bit the Nordic countries. Anyone willing to share some ideas with me?

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