Some Days....

The stairs of Death.

Your life has good and bad days. It is how you react to what is going on in you in a day that will leave you in a good mood or bad. At 1:23 am, I am happy to be still alive.

Yesterday at 6:00 pm I laid down due to a massive headache. I figured I would hear hubby come home and sleep for a few hours. I woke up at 3:00 am. I had not taken my night medications, so my legs were bouncing all over the place. I got out of bed to get my legs under control.

I needed to go to the store for smoking materials. With Easter coming up, all the stores were going to be closed. Running out of tobacco was not something you or I want to see.


I worked on my journal while waiting for dawn to arrive. The photos are mugs I drew while thinking of two ladies I admire on the blockchain. I am proud to call both friends and mentors to this day.

These ladies are special. They have been there for me when I needed advice. They will tell me I am wrong in my thinking sometimes too. I do not always believe them or follow their advice right away, but I always leave a conversation happy and with new knowledge.


Morning finally came. I jumped in the truck to make my way to the smoke shop in the next town over. Planning my route as I drove. I also needed to pick up some dog food. We are dog-watching while friends go on vacation. They did not leave us enough dog food for the eight days we have Molly.

While driving down the road, I realized I had not taken my phone or glasses. I was more worried about my glasses and hoped I did not have to read anything in the shops.

The smoke shop was nice and quiet when I got there. This month I went inside to make sure I received the kind of tobacco I wanted. I still have half a bag of really nasty tasting stuff from last month. The lady at the drive-thru mixed up my order, and I did not check it properly. Lesson learned.

Learning to use colored pencils to make skin tones.

From there, I drove back to town to stop at Walmart. I found a cheesecake on sale. Cheezits also, but no dog food anywhere. By now, I had walked around two miles inside of Walmart. Finding a lady that worked there, I asked her if she carried pet supplies. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Excuse me! Do you have pet supplies?
Walmart Lady: Yes, we do.

Me: Can you tell me where they are?
Walmart Lady: Over by the garden center.

Me: Where is that?
Walmart Lady: Over by the automotive section.

Me: Where is that?
Walmart Lady: points to the opposite side of the store that I am on

Me: Thank You!

Lesson: Not everyone hangs out at Walmart and knows where things are. Pointing is just fine in my book, followed by words.


Once home, I started to bring everything into the house. I saved the dog food for last because it was the heaviest item. Pulling the front door open, the bag of food shifted, and my foot started to slide backward along with my whole body.

The next thing I knew, I was on the ground. The back of my head had hit the concrete along with my lower back, and to top it off, I twisted my ankle. Oh, and the ten pounds of dog food landed on top of me.

I laid there assessing my body to make sure nothing broke. Nothing had. I slowly got up. Once inside, I put everything away. I took the dog out to go to the bathroom. I filled up Molly's food and water too. I took a shower with the thinking that if I have to go to the hospital, I will be clean.

I will admit to being very scared. I had hit my head hard.


I talked to my husband and Mom. I did not have to worry about that for the rest of the day. While I was exhausted and just wanted to lay down and sleep, I made myself stay awake. I played a game that makes me think for a few hours. I wanted to be sure I was alright.

Finally, at Noon I laid down and slept. I felt much better when I woke up, except that I missed @Shadowspubs interview on YouTube. I let Shadows know I was still breathing and watched an informative interview with Shadowspub held by #WhyLibertarian.

It is now late, and I am still breathing. Life today was interesting, but I survived another day on this planet we call home.

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


All photos are mine unless otherwise stated.

Gif made by @Snook