Sometimes Jealousy Could Be What Spurs The Motivation

Being jealous of someone for something is usually viewed in a negative light almost all the time.
Jealousy can also inspire someone or be a springboard for determination.
When life happens to you most times, you end up looking around those around you and tend to compare your life with there's to see if you're actually meeting up to the world's standards or your personal goals and aspirations.

While some would kick against comparison amongst equals in age or whatever classification. I compare myself with others to motivate myself to work harder.
There have been times when I've picked up a few of my stuff and travelled to be with friends and old school mates to see what they've been up to since the last time we saw each other.

I pay so much attention to every detail every time I happen to embark on this sort of journey. I'll tour around everything about them including the quality of woman they have in their lives, their shoes, clothes, home designs, furniture, paintings, curtains, musical sets and what have you.

These things get me motivated and determined, it enables me to set new targets for life at crucial points in my life.
Sometimes just chilling around guys that are doing better than you, hearing their conversations, seeing what they're spending their money on is enough motivation and a greater learning curve than reading some fictitious motivational books.

When you run out of zeal, determination and the will to dream above your current level. All you need to do is pick up your bags travel to new environments, see how things are done in other places it will surely get your ass off that comfort zone you feel so reluctant to move out of.

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