Happy Wife, Happy Life


Hello lovely friends!
Every family must have happiness in life. Families who can create a conducive and family-friendly atmosphere. All family members are able to perform roles according to their respective positions so that good synergy is built up in one family.
A child can place a position as a child. They must be able to do their duties and get their rights as a child. Of course they still need guidance from parents and adults around them. if they can fulfill their obligations and get their rights well it will make parents feel lighter at work.
Meanwhile, as a household head, the husbands work and earn a living for the family. Hard work and effort to meet the tireless needs of families will provide comfort for all family members. Children will see how their father has put effort into sweat and tireless thoughts that will make the child end the hard work. the hope of every child is when they need goods or other things related to the needs of children, whether school, toys or snacks will certainly be easily met if their father gets enough money. What's more if you get extra money from salary will certainly provide opportunities for sightseeing.

The role of the wife

What we often forget is the role of the wife. Often the women who become wives at home do not pay attention to their role. In fact, the services of the wives are very large. They are the manager of a family. They regulate financial circulation. They must arrange for their husbands' income to be sufficient to pay their salary in the coming months.
So many tasks and responsibilities that they must carry make them forget to pay attention to appearance. They have to manage the family from the mattress to the kitchen, from the needs of the child to the needs of the husband. They are greatly needed from waking up to bedtime.
When the husband works in the office for one task then the wife at home must prepare everything. Starting from preparing the menu, cooking, washing to other things that have never occurred to the husbands.
When the husband comes home complaining of being tired and resting, the wife is still doing other work. Accompany children to learn. even when the wife wants to rest, the husband still needs services on the bed.
It's true it's hard for a wife. this must be known by the husbands. Husbands should not just ask their wives to serve. The husband must share how tired a wife is. Even if you want to try doing all the tasks of the wife and give the wife a chance to rest. After that, the husband will definitely choose to work in the office and be faced with a fierce boss rather than doing the hard work of a wife.



Make your wife happy, you will be happy

Husbands must remember when marrying a wife. A beautiful ideal woman who wants to be pampered. Men will be very loving and try to fulfill their lover's wishes. But after becoming a wife often forgets when she saw the wife's appearance became more tangled. even though they no longer pay attention to appearances because more matters to the family.
Of course wives have the right to share in happiness. They have a chance to tax him. They also still want to look beautiful. Then give happiness to them. Let them channel the hobby of singing or painting to shed feelings.
Give them a chance to go to the salon to dress up. Give facilities for them to beautify themselves.
Rest assured that by making them happy the wife will give happiness in the life of every husband.
Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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