Useless Information #51 - TIL why doctors wear green

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Doctors used to wear white, right? I mean… that’s the doctors’ color!

Not anymore. Not completely at least.
I’ve noticed doctors and nurses wear green nowadays (sometimes a special blue). TIL I learned why. I undertook a little research and found out this is due to color contrast. Green is the opposite of red in the color wheel.

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Looking at something green can refresh the doctor’s vision of red things. This may be very important during a surgery as there may be a lot of blood around. Staring at a color constantly and continuously originates desensitization to it.

What about white?! They could look at white to reset the sight.

Yeaaaah… no.

White light contains all the colors including red and green. If the red pathway is saturated, the result is green, green and green. This means that after staring at red the doctors would see green things when looking at something white. The worst is that these green things wouldn’t go away immediately. Instead, they keep appearing wherever the eye is trying to focus. If the doctor looks at green, the green things blend right in and don’t become a distraction.




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