Useless information #4 – … about Frank Sinatra
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Frank Sinatra was much more than a spectacular singer.

I spent much time listening to his entire discography, sometimes while studying through the night. I still listen to some albums from time to time and I always have a great time.
I can say I’m a fan of his music but I don't know much about his life. I knew he had also an acting career and I remember watching him in some movies.
I thought that was it. Probably he was a great singer with some acting skills that had a few acting experiences.

So naïve...

Now I understand he was in more than 60 movies, won an Oscar as Actor in Supporting Role (“From Here to Eternity (1953)”) and was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor in a Leading Role (The Man with the Golden Arm (1955)). He won Honorary Awards, Golden Globes and had many more nominations.

This is not secret or hidden information. Many of you already knew this. Hopefully some others (like me) had no idea and may find this interesting.

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