4 Years Later-Reading a Letter from Myself to Myself



Today, while I was cleaning my room and arranging my old college papers, I came across an item from my past, a thing very special to me- letter from myself to myself. The letter was written last 2014, and I thought to myself how now is the perfect time to read what’s inside.

Past me shared a lot of funny moments in the letter and I was surprised by how hilarious I was in the past. Past me also imparted few words of wisdom and here are some that struck me the most:


Please be careful who you trust.

Year 2014, I was 18 years old when I wrote this. I don’t know what made me write this line but it is very relevant to me now. In the past, I have trusted few people who end up turning their backs on me and hurting me. These people broke my trust. Trust is such a valuable thing, just like what others say, “Once broken, it can never be replaced.”. When people do hurtful things to me, I always say to myself “Forgive them even if they are not sorry.” Maybe that’s the reason why I always think they have a reason why they could do such thing.

Learn to meet new people.

I always find it difficult to adjust to new things, may it be a new environment, new habit, or even new people. Somehow, past me was right. I should learn to meet new people. When I was still in my 1st year in college I remember joining an association, a club in the University. It was one of the biggest steps in my life, having to mention I don’t easily adjust to new people but I was surprised how I end up being really happy. That was one of the best choices I have made in my life. I did not only meet new people and make new friends but I had a new family. A family I will cherish forever.


Stop rushing things.

I have to thank past me for this, I am a person who makes schedules not sometimes but always. And I agree that there are times I become impatient. Impatient for things to happen. Maybe that is one of the things other people don’t like about me because I always do things ASAP. I think it is time to understand that things happen during the right time.

Don’t judge.

Writing the letter, I won’t try to deny that I was a bit judgmental before. I mean I think it is human nature to judge other persons. But just like what past me said, we should never judge others about the things they do and their choices for we don’t know their story and what they are going through.


Say sorry often but don’t abuse the power of words.

Sometimes, we tend to abuse the word “sorry”. When we commit something bad or hurt others, we just say “sorry”. But is sorry really enough? Will sorry justify our actions? I think there are instances in life that we can’t make it up to someone just by saying sorry. We should prove to the people through actions that we really are.

For the last part of the letter, Past Me stated:

And yeah, welcome for this message.

Reading the entire letter, I think I poured out my heart into it. I have been a very closed person, with walls surrounding my me, afraid of opening up to others that sometimes, when I have problems, I keep them to myself fearful that I will just waste the time of other people and bother them. I have written plenty of letters from myself to myself maybe because I want to remind myself in the future how I have to be strong for myself and for others. And while I dived into the wisdom past me has imparted, I learned a lot of things and I think it made me grow as a person. Thank you past me!


Call me sentimental or corny. I really love writing myself letters for the future. As years go by, there are lots of changes that we undergo; sometimes we don’t even see it. Writing letters is one way of self-love and showing that you believe in future you. Past you got future you. So I just want to say, go write yourself a letter! You’ll never know what gem you'll find years after writing it!

Until next time!


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