Consciousness Of Our Mortality. Or Life Is Not Only Temporary But Everything In life Is Temporary As Well.

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I have written a poem “Life Is Temporary” a few weeks where I examined this truth. But the way we are living our lives nowadays is very much in contradiction to this truth. We, humans are so caught up in our busyness and daily routine as if life will not end. It is very tragic that when our lives actually end, the legacy that we left behind is so insignificant that it is as if we did not exist in the first place.

Reflecting on our mortality of our lives, I would like to share some of my insights.

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Time Is Our Most Valuable Asset

When we think that we are immortal, we tend to waste our time. We live our lives as if there is an infinite supply of time. But once we realized, that millions go to bed tonight may not wake up tomorrow, we will begin to treasure our time. We will use our time on things that are important to us. We try to make each second count. Only then will we realize that time is our most valuable asset. Once time is gone, we can never get it back.

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If Life Is Temporary, Why Do We Think That Our Problems Are Permanent?

If we are having a difficult time, know that this will pass. Many a times we feel overwhelmed by the challenges that we are facing. Our suffering seems to last an eternity. We are at a dead end and there seems to be no way forward. At times like this, we need to remind ourselves that the situation that we faced is only temporary, and it will pass. So during these difficult times, reflect on what lessons that we can learn, move on and emerge stronger.

The same applies too when we are experiencing happiness and joy, soon that will pass as well. In these circumstances, we should savor and relish these happy moments. Do not let the fear of tomorrow and the regrets of yesterday rob us of the joy that we are experiencing now.

Go With The Flow

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Life is not only temporary but everything in life is temporary as well. In such a scenario, to be happy we must learn to go with the flow. If we go through life expecting things to go the way we plan or wish, we will be deeply disappointed and will encounter much suffering. Events that happen to us and the behavior of other people is beyond our control. What is within our control is how we choose to response to the events and the people around us. So if we go through life expecting others to serve us, respect us or love us, our lives will be filled with disappointment, pain and suffering. On the other hand, nothing and nobody except yourself can stop you from serving, respecting and loving others. If we can find that silver lining in the cloud, adjust our sail to the wind and go with the flow, our lives will be much happier.

This is a very wide topic and I have barely scratch the surface. I hope that this post will spark more conversation on the impermanence of life. Your thoughts and response at the comment section is welcomed.

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