Hello Everyone!

I can't believe its been 2 weeks since my last post. In an attempt to get everything on track, let me tell you my story:

I did not stop creating. In fact, these past 2 weeks had been one of my most productive and creative 2 weeks. However, since I am making this for charity and because of the volume of things I needed to make for a limited number of time, I was not able to take pictures how I created them.

I made these honeycomb paper lantern for someone who needed it for Valentine's day.







And I made these trinket boxes as a token of my appreciation to someone who had always been kind to me. It is not yet done- they are freshly baked. I still need to add the final touches- resin, a bit of polishing and probably, more detail.






2020 had been hard for everyone and, I think that what is keeping me sane is knowing that despite my busy schedule, I am still able to extend help to anyone who needed it- and that makes me very happy. Very, very happy.

Since the discovery of the new COVID 19 strain, things changed dramatically where I am now. I am unable to say anything further but as of now, we are free of this most feared disease. We are making the best that we can. We are all a bit tired. We missed our family very much and, we hope that after all these craziness, we will have our much deserved vacation. Until then, we do what we do best.

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