Why I'm Calling it Quits

This has been in the works for a long time.  Most decisions I make are meticulously crafted; all the kinks worked out.  Of course chaos and randomness is always included; never ignored.  I call those 'World Events' and respect them just as much as what I have a firm handle on.

One month away from five years; four years and eleven months is an eternity when you've paid attention to every single step.

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I've come a long way.

Everything about me was rusty when I arrived on scene.  All attempts at gaining traction felt like failures.  All the naysayer types in my life — nearly everyone — what they were saying was starting to weasel its way inside my brain to latch on to the part that, makes sense.

When the people who want to control others with their negative vibes and shitty opinions get their way, they're happy; you're not.

When one fights their evil forces all you're being, according to them, is stubborn, overconfident, even arrogant.

When one wins the battle and becomes proud of their accomplishments, the naysayer thinks you just did it to be an asshole.  Any sense of pride expressed openly is converted into, rubbing it in.

You're made out to be the villain, no matter what.

Alone and in the wild.

How's your life going since you boarded this spaceship to uncharted territory?  Where do you think it'll take you?  How far do you want to go?

When I arrived here I was instantly reminded of the time I quit my life, packed only the important things except for a plan, then moved to a new city where I didn't really know anyone or anything.

Stuck around for nearly five years and at this point I'd say being here is more like colonizing a new planet.  Most folks aren't even cut out for the journey let alone long-term survival.  Others are free to make the best of it.

For instance, people eat their seeds instead of planting them then can't figure out why they go hungry and others eat, even though they were given the same set of tools and an equal opportunity on the playing field.

So they go back to their home planet where it's all polluted and everyone is treated like cattle, to talk about the orchards we grew, and explain how the fruits of our labor are poisonous to all who will listen and provide, likes.

Some stick around just to be obnoxious/antisocial, poke holes in the habitats, or blow up the tunnels; then can't figure out why others would prefer they leave.

It takes all types to go from frontier to functional society though.  Without naysayers and the rest of the incapable types being so honest and willing to make mistakes in front of everyone so others don't have to, the ones who wish to succeed are left with nothing to learn from.

So I just say, "Thank you."

But why am I calling it Quits?

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Because I'm done.

And that's his name.

Spent a few hours every day, over the past week or so, working on Quits.

Didn't have a name in mind for this guy until the final hour while working on the finishing touches.

Thinking: "This is taking forever.  I should probably call it quits soon..."


Sometimes naming these characters I create can be the hardest part.  This time around the guy practically named himself; making my life that much easier.

Even with all the foreshadowing, I bet you thought I was talking about something else.

Nothing on this planet brings me more joy than entertaining the inhabitants.

Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"The weekend!  Never a better time to call it Quits..."

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