Late Checking Out: Forced to Pay for Another Day of Existence

I don't feel like being entertained nor do I feel like being entertaining.  This is a free write.  Just some brain straining.

Nothing to watch.  Nothing to do.  Suppose I could go to the zoo but I guess I'm already there.  That was quick.

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I Bugged Out

Bugged out means: I packed my shit and got the fuck outta town.

If I left it at that, but said it a month ago, one of these brainwashed media junkies would have called me a freak for believing in a virus conspiracy coordinated by the dude who made Windows software, because that would make sense in their world.

I don't live there nor do I reside within that state of mind.

Not even going to call it social media, mainstream media, alternative media; none of that divisive nonsense.  It's all media now.  A single unit no different than humanity itself.  I see past the labels and costumes.

Same thing goes for people in general.  I didn't see a cop kill a black man in that video.  I saw a man kill another man.

If I left it at that, one of these brainwashed media junkies will come along and say, "No, he died from... yadda yadda yadda something else according to so-and-so who knows better plus racism and everything else that's wrong with those people but not us."

Somebody died.  It's sad.  The world got mad.  I won't be spending the next two months arguing about this on any platform that "gives" me a voice because I already had one and choose not to use it to say the same damn things as everyone else.  I don't give a fuck about the memes or what side they want to be on.  I don't care about how they want to spend their days in an engaged daze created by this maze of media haze.

People will lose sleep over thoughts placed within their mind and not even question how they got there or why they care.

What were the big concerns in the media before the pandemic?  They don't remember.

Media junkies don't even remember a few months ago.  Too busy getting their fix.  So much life went to waste paying attention.

Saying you care and just leaving it there is never enough.  Join the party.  Put on a big show so your people on your platform know.

The world is falling apart but it always was.  What do you remember?  The good times.  That's something we all have in common.

The good times never go astray but so many choose to let the media take them away; replacing the good times with the thoughts they want them to think about that day.  Those concerns are more important than the lives we once lived.


I never bugged out and left the world behind because of a virus and no I'm not afraid some tribe of brainwashed media junkies are going to come burn down the village now because a man killed a man.

I left in November of last year.  Many here noticed I was gone but I didn't say where I was or what was happening.  I came back to the online world in February after being completely disconnected for the most part of three months.

Three months to clear my head.  Moved out to the middle of nowhere because the rent was cheap and I needed to find peace of mind.  Didn't have an internet connection.  Didn't want one.  Life was life again and it was good.

February rolls around.  Decided to spend the money, get connected.  Everything changed.

Suddenly I'm back here as well as other platforms making it known I'm alive and well.  Suddenly I'm bombarded with all the world's problems and humanity's nonstop reaction to it.

There's a story about a disease affecting nations.  There's a drunk sociopath buying up Steemit.  Now a man killed a man and the fire will spread.

As an outsider looking in I see all three cases have the same thing in common.

People pick sides and fight.  No place for the individual.  That concept doesn't even exist.

If you're not on this team that must mean you're on that team.  I stocked up on supplies when I heard supplies were low in other countries.  My friends told me I was an idiot for believing in this "hoax" because look at this meme.

I had toilet paper, they didn't.

I didn't need to believe in a virus story or not then sit wasting time arguing nonsense as if I'm some kind of expert for reading an article or watching a video.

Simply watched what all people were doing, and reacted before what all people were doing caught on here.

Had to stock up anyway.  Chose to live in the middle of nowhere.  Can't simply drive to the store any time I need something, even though the commute wouldn't be much different than living in a big city and having to travel to work an hour away.  Simply choosing to remain an hour away as much as possible.

Saved money not buying masks not because I felt mightier than nature since a meme told me so.  Simply didn't plan on being around people anyway, long before people were afraid of people making fun of people for being afraid of people being scared.

Maybe people don't want to feel left out so they latch on to these stories to feel closer to everyone else.  Meanwhile our lives keep chugging along.  Passing us by.

Watched a lot of time fly by way out here.  As juicy as the gossip can be at times, I don't want to waste a minute of my life consuming brain poison.

Sitting around being angry about things won't solve anything.  Falling into the this information versus that information trap only makes something that lasted eight minutes drag on for three months.  Media stories are like brand name clothes.  Good versus evil.  I like your shoes versus I can't believe you support sweat shops.


Life is different when away from all this media chaos.

Tough to make friends and maintain relationships when picking sides isn't part of the options package I bought.  Feel alone anyway when everyone seems so differently the same.

Watching the people rather than the events.  That's a sick twisted game in itself, I suppose.  Observing what could be intelligent humans acting like parrots, saying what was said to them; but do they even know what they're saying?

The various forms of media and how it controls people and society; that's all been on my mind a lot lately.

Observing various sources say something, then watching how the people repeat it while pretending to be sharing original thoughts and ideas.  Nobody was born with these thoughts.  These thoughts are placed within minds.  Then people fight because some computer algorithm placed another set of thoughts in a different set of minds.

Media junkies are kinda creepy.  Like most addicts, they'll insist they don't have a problem.  Most cult members don't realize they're in a cult either.  Tell society, "Hey.  You might have a problem."

What was supposed to be help quickly turns into the biggest insult known to humanity; far worse than those problems they can't seem to get enough of.

The darkest part of it all is the fact these words are just as dangerous as everything else. No different. No better. It's all the same.  I just placed my thoughts inside your brain.


A world where even the free write has a time limit and I think I've gone into extra minutes.

I'll just leave it there.  Need to put these thoughts away anyway.  That's three posts in a week I've been off my rocker.

Think happy thoughts.  Think happy thoughts.  Think happy thoughts.

Have a nice day.

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