Is It Safe to Come Out and Play Yet?

Today seems like a good day to bore everyone to death with another one of my posts.  Since several people have been busy lately practicing how to push a vote button on old posts around here, it's possible many may have exhausted and incredibly sore fingers now, so I might actually get a chance to fly under the radar for a change.

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A glitch caused money to start falling from the sky so they all ran to the old neighborhood holding their cups or whatever looking for that free beer, keg party style.  First come first serve; most are drunk within minutes; nothing left for the ones that were actually invited.

Upon arrival they discovered — even as far back as a week ago — people had been creating content, right here in the Hive thing we made.  I'm sure to some of those curators/consumers/promoters out there who'd grown accustomed to automating their support systems, seeing actual content here came as quite the surprise.

Unfortunately for me, I already knew about the content and already have money, so there was no real need for me to dive into that mosh pit of sudden care and attention to detail.

This is me we're talking about here, so of course I have other things to do.

...but it wasn't this

Gotta love a good hardfork glitch though.

I took a vacation from my vacation just to see how things would play out here.  It's important to me.

And of course that's when the weather decided to be awesome...

So because reasons, I suddenly feel like talking about the weather.  Time to switch gears.

Why does my twisted brain lead me to believe environmentalists hate the environment?  Every time they look at it, they get pissed off and want it to change.

Why not find a new hobby or thing to care about if that one sucks so bad?

It gets hot for one week in Canada and they're all like:

"Global warming!  We need to ban cars, cows, plastic straws, babies, cigarettes, crypto, kayak paddles, pie, kittens, fire, toasters, peanuts, bingo, bongos, bagels, and anyone who uses a question mark!  That'll fix Canada for sure this time!"

Is the world truly broken or have the people simply gone mad?  What changed?

Most of the time in Canada, being outside too long will bloody well kill you, because cold.

They want to take my one week of being a normal human away.  Am I only allowed to see nice weather on a screen for a few seconds during the commercial breaks trying to sell me the pills I'm going to need once the show comes back on to say we're all gonna die from wind?

I'm so flustered I almost feel like calling them a bunch of p-words.

And I never say poo poo heads!

Staying classy when it comes to my fucking communication shit while I'm all up in this bitch is something I take great pride in.  But a guy can only take so much.

I've been working so damn hard my entire life, doing everything I can, to heat up Canada, so I can be free and air my balls in January like they do in the Florida or someplace like that.

I think that's what they do there.  I've never actually been there but I have seen every episode of Cops so it seems like walking around naked in winter is only bad if you get caught.

Do that here, you'll lose your nuts instantly, and it won't be because they shot you there.


I feel like I'm bombing every joke I've written so far.  Did you even know I haven't been serious at any point during this ramble?

Should I even continue?  Switching gears.

I miss creating content and attempting to entertain as many as possible, daily.

Miss producing the joke art, the real art, everything in between.  Haven't touched my digital art software suite in months!

Miss a lot of folks who won't even read this because they're not around anymore.  I feel like I know thousands of you, out there.  I'm sure it's somewhere near that number.  Maybe I should put a list together and mention ten thousand people just to see what's up and say hi...

And maybe you don't know that I know you but trust me, I'm watching you.

Can't always get to your posts and vote simply because I'm not made out of money, only have ten sizeable votes per day to use, plus sleeping is kind of important, too.  And some weeks I don't even have internet access, by design.

Pro Tip: If you're one of those noobs out there who wants to receive more votes and views, I know from experience actually doing things that attract more votes and views helps tremendously so I suggest trying that first before anything else.

The support is appreciated but it makes me feel better half of that goes to the folks who decided to give me the time of day.  I absolutely love the fact my work pays consumers rather than contributing to their device addiction problem without so much as even a thank you.

Especially this year, when damn near every time I hit that post button, one hundred comments and a few hours later a little robot comes along to tell me my work topped the charts and earned the most that day.

Feels Great!

But you know damn well someone out there is giving you the evil eye...

During my first few weeks here as I was failing daily, rather than setting the goal of writing the post about how the platform is broken and you're all just a huge pile of shit, I decided within my mind that it would be hilarious to set a goal of reaching the top.

So that's done.

But now what?

The five minute voting window thing that's now been obliterated caused a lot of inner turmoil for me.  How the votes rolled in and my work shot straight to the top before people truly got a chance to look meant I had no room to fuck up, at all.

Don't you hate it when you typo 'pens' and now your work is "trending" while everyone is wondering why it says 'penis' there?  I know I do...

Thanks to all those who put their trust in me to not screw up while you vote blind and come later once I've fixed everything.

Just don't come here on Tuesday because that's the day I was planning to publish the story about masturbating in those bushes by your bedroom window. They used to laugh at me when I said I'd find a way to monetize this behavior.

Anyway.  I'm probably about as bored with this post as you are.  Don't really have much else to say but I'm sure you caught on to that by the second paragraph.  Some probably knew before they even clicked.  Most know I'm just fucking around and like to have fun.

Which is something we need more of here!

So stiff out there in content land some days.  Doom-and-gloomers galore; we're all gonna die; but suit and tie crypto guy is going long so, it must just be a lie.

Development post cheerleaders doing the fancy dances daily.  Why do they get to have all the fun...

Hive can't really be that awesome; can it?

wink wink

Have a nice day.

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