Googly-Eyed Google and Your Other Thought Masters

I'm unsure of how Google got its name.  Yes indeed I do declare and am quite aware of the fact I could simply Google that and find out fast.  Having the ability to locate all the answers means I don't need the answers now but I still know everything, regardless of whether I know it now or not.

Knowing something someone else doesn't; that no longer exists.

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Unless you know something new.

So we create new facts for views; stardom.

Right now, everywhere I look, there is an armchair Covid-19 expert sorting through the facts, twisting the narrative, achieving the art of bullshit, and successfully projecting their googly-eyed view of the world onto the walls surrounding those who decide to live within a shell of the information they consume.

No need for new thoughts when someone else will do the thinking for you.

It always becomes a battle between their information and that information.

The mainstream media is always wrong.  That's the first lesson any new theorist needs to know, whether it's fact or fiction.  It doesn't matter if the mainstream media was right or wrong.  The "fact" is they are always wrong.

The mainstream media is your enemy.  That's the second lesson any new theorist needs to know, whether it's fact or fiction.  It doesn't matter if the mainstream media is your friend or enemy.  The "fact" is they are your enemy.

The new theorist can now tap into the market already established by the theorists who came before them since that crowd has been preconditioned into automatic acceptance of those two "facts".

So now we have the lying monster/evil villain.  Nobody will defend a lying monster.  Making fun of a lying monster is socially acceptable.  Nobody will question that.  Much like how it's perfectly fine to display your hatred and bully an individual if that individual is the leader of a political party or set of beliefs you don't agree with.

The majority will not view me as worse than Hitler if I suggest something heinous should have happened to Hitler long before he established the fact he was fucked in the head.

Perfectly fine to say, "Hitler was fucked in the head," but if I said your mom is fucked in the head, there's a problem.  Saying someone is fucked in the head is wrong.  "Trump is fucked in the head."  Now saying someone is fucked in the head is okay again, but only to about half of the people, which should be enough, since the other half doesn't matter.

Now the other half is all pissed off because I said they don't matter.  I wasn't saying they don't matter to me.  They don't matter to the people who agree Trump is fucked in the head.  Unfortunately, I just lost half my readership because once triggered, the rest of what I said doesn't matter.  Therefore I don't matter, but you won't see me pouting about that, because some folks are still left reading even though the left stopped reading.

So what side am I on?

How does one respond if the space isn't safe?

The reason why the right hasn't left is because I said their leader is fucked in the head so they want to stay to defend him.  The left will now leave because I'll now say they don't matter which is something frowned upon because according to their hashtags, some lives matter, as long as the other side is somehow seen as holding them back somehow, until it's no longer as fashionable, then those lives don't matter as much because social media moved on to something else.

Confused?  So am I.  What's the point?  There isn't one.  The new theorist simply needs to tap into these political markets as well since it's far easier to tell people what they want to hear when one already knows what that is. Finding ways to insult the other side is often the easy road to more views.

I even got the whole left/right thing mixed up at one point because it doesn't matter and most weren't paying attention anyway since those weren't the talking points one would normally latch onto; or did I?

Yet somehow within this disaster I've created two groups.  One that agrees and another that doesn't agree.  All it took was a bit of nonsense I don't even care enough about to believe in.

From there, all I need to do is carry on saying the same damn things over and over for many months or as long as it takes to get enough views to grow a large following.

Once that's complete, whatever I was talking about at the start will no longer be as fashionable so I'd then pretend it doesn't exist, move on to the next big world problem, call the mainstream media lying monsters, point out how politicians are fucked in the head, then make up some new bullshit about whatever is popular at the time.  That might alienate some followers but most will stay because people look up to those who tell them what they want to hear on a daily basis; the empire grows.

Maybe some don't know what I'm saying is what they want to hear at the time, but they will want to hear it coming from me because they like me.

Even if I'm wrong today, that doesn't matter, as long as some people think I'm right.  Those people will unknowingly enforce the safe space in the comment section, making it easier for anyone else to agree which leads to increased engagement, even if what I'm saying for many months is total bullshit/nonsense.

Like in most cults, the believers do most of the work.

The ones who become really good at believing my bullshit and then being aggressive with those who oppose my bullshit will eventually realize their own potential and would be better off creating their own outlet; a new star is born.

Since their mind was warped and I basically brainwashed them, whatever they come up with will be even more absurd (the moon landing was faked so of course the Earth must be flat), so their following will grow.  Some of those will bloom into third generation brainwashed bullshit artists creating the chaos people enjoy (the moon landing was faked so of course the Earth is flat because aliens living inside the hollow moon created Earth as a place for humans to mine the gold the aliens need for their advanced communications device, instead of skipping those steps and going straight to creating gold).

Eventually we'll have what it's like to be on the internet in 2020 and nobody will even know how it got like that.


This was only an experiment in thoughts.  If at any point you found yourself agreeing, disagreeing, believing in, or becoming triggered: You now know how easy it is for someone to come along and bend your thought process into something you never thought before.

Nothing here made sense intentionally and was not to be taken seriously; or was it?

I was bored and only pretending to sound like I know what I'm talking about; or was I?

Nobody was born with what they believe in.  It all came from someone else.  Our personal thought masters.  Who we decide to believe controls us, mainstream or not; or do they?

Is the evil lying monster bad or is the one asking you to believe in evil lying monsters bad?  Is one better than the other?  Are there any other options?  I doubt we'll ever know the true truth now.

Did I do this for views?
Of course I did.  Why else?

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"The real conspiracy is the conspiracy itself; or is it?"

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