Random Life Update - Covid test, University, September plans

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing another random life update as there has been a lot going on lately.

After dropping out of University many years ago, I am finally making some steps towards moving from the dead spot I've been stuck at all this time. Even though I don't have a lot left to finish, just one exam and dissertation, if I want to finish by the end of this school year which is the end of October, I really have to get busy. Just when I was in the mood to give my best and work hard, I got sick. With all the weather changes going from a super hot summer to rainy and cold almost fall like weather to nice and sunny again, I am not surprised the flu season started earlier especially when we add the beginning of a school year for kids and kindergarten - a lot of kids are already missing out because of runny noses and/or coughing. Since we are a family of seven living in the same house, two kids included, it's hard to avoid getting sick. This really slowed down my University work and plans so we will see how everything will turn out...

My University

I have spend the last six days at home, kind of self-isolating, but since I have plans for next week related to University and also some private plans, I have decided to go and get tested for Covid tomorrow morning just to be safe. So wish me luck! With the growing number of positive cases here in Serbia, there's also a lot of people getting tested these days so it's super crowded and I'll probably have to wait for 2-3 hours. Even though my body temperature has been normal, I can taste and smell normally, I can't risk putting other people in danger and uncomfortable situations so that's my main reason for getting tested.

Last week's coffee

By the end of September and beginning of October I have another big life change happening and I will dedicate an entire post to it when it happens so it really feels like these two months are going to be super hectic for me but right now my one and only wish is to get a negative test, everything else will be sorted out one way or another. I am still grateful that I feel good despite the minor flu symptoms - my family has the same and I hope we will all recover soon and it's nothing else but a seasonal flu.

Arriving to the city early, waiting spot before heading to University, also last week

I hope you are all doing well, stay safe and take care!


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