I tested positive for Covid-19 and this is how I'm spending my days in isolation

In my previous post I mentioned I was about to go and get tested for Covid-19 and how I was hoping my test will come out negative... Well, it didn't, I officially have the damn virus and this is a post where I'm going to complain about it a little bit but also share some things I am planning on doing while in isolation.

On Friday I went super early to try and avoid the crowds as it's really hectic these days at the Covid center where people just go now to get tested and for later check up, if needed. They start to work at 7am and I was there at 6:20. Once I got to the nurse, she asked me about symptoms and got a rapid test done. After that I went to take my blood out for more tests and once I finally made it to the doctor, she informed me that my rapid test came out negative but because my leukocytes were a little bit lower than usual, I will get a PCR test as well. After getting the swab samples, I was good to go home as they send you test results via SMS. The next morning I saw a message that said my PCR test is positive.

After finding out about that, all the adult members of my family I live with went to get tested (that was yesterday) and all of them also got positive results. So we are all staying at home now, resting, isolating, drinking a lot of liquids and taking vitamins as doctors advised us to do. Kids also have to be in isolation so that means no school/kindergarten for them for about 2 weeks. My parents are going to a check up tomorrow and I will also go if necessary. For the most part, we just have regular flu symptoms even though my and my mom almost lost our sense of smell completely. For a few days, we also felt weak and sleepy all the time but I think we are getting better and the worst part is over.

I have to admit, I was worried about my parents as they are above the age of 65 and I am pretty sure I was the one who caught the virus first and spread it to the others so I do feel guilty about that. I keep checking on them to make sure they are okay and I think I will be at peace once we all recover completely. I am also trying to stay positive as my plans for Belgrade this week won't happen and it was really important for me to go and spend time with someone I care about a lot and I wish I was more careful as I feel like I could prevent catching the virus and I would be good to make a Belgrade trip a reality. But I have to deal with this situation now and I'm going to try and make my time in isolation somewhat fun and productive.

One good thing, or at least I consider it good, is that I sleep A LOT these nights. I go to bed super early and sleep until the morning. I am also drinking a lot of water which is also goo, I suppose. After a couple of days of not having an appetite, I am eating normally again. Yesterday I started a TV series Why women kill? and I finished season one that I really enjoyed! Season two seems less interesting so far and I am debating if I should continue with it or move on to other series I have on my list for a while. I also have two library books I haven't started yet and I am planning on starting doing University work in the next couple of days. I think I will feel better to be able to sit down and focus on that.

After spending an entire Saturday inside, today I finally went outside to the backyard and garden as it was a really nice day and I took these photos as well. I am so lucky and grateful to have a lot of space I can enjoy and spend time at even in isolation especially since the weather is amazing! I am also planning to go back to journaling after a week or more, I think it will be useful for me now. I am looking forward to making some lists and organize my thoughts/life a little bit with this new situation I'm in so that my time in isolation doesn't go to waste completely and it doesn't end up filled with TV series and screen time in general.

Maybe I should have named this post Isolation diary or something like that as I am planning to make a few more of these if I have anything interesting to share, lol. Anyways, thanks you so much for reading my rambling and I wish you all a great week ahead, take care! :)


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