A Poetic Hike

Hey ladies and gentlemen!

We had an amazing hike yesterday in Egg, Schwyz, Switzerland! I tried to describe it in a poetic way... enjoy :)

Here it is quite common if it is foggy in the plain to escape towards mountains above the sea of fog. We actually planned the hike without concerning the weather a few weeks a go. We did not know where to go and decided this in the middle of the night before we left. And we just were very lucky with the weather.

I just captured a few moments to share whith poetic description!
Probably you will find soon an awesome and epic video from @sandymeyer about the hike!
Here we go with our journey:

First I already was stunned
by the view out of the bus.
Too beautiful can we trust?



Then we started the walk
both so tired we couldn't much talk.
After being a bit sleepgrumpy we started over new - just overhelmed by this stunning view!


The hike went up thru the snow
motivation starts to grow!
Up, up we walk
Until we reach the sea of fog!


We reached the top, after strain! My gosh my knees felt pain!
We had a coffee and bathed in the sun
there was rest needed after this run!

After this push the road was to hit
and we forgot to picture it 🤷‍♀️.

But the way down we came
and thru the forest we saw this flame:

img_0.5147806478593748.jpg (do you find sandy?;))

Down, down, down we went
and took a few shots
And Sandy also did crop up:)



Soon we reached the end of walk and we just wanted to enjoy more

then we saw this beautiful snow which just did score!

Sparkle Sparkle - Twinkle - Twinkle
My eyes' surrounding starts to wrinkle :)




Soon we found an end
and saw this splendend lake with the bouys frozen
this hike was well chosen!



Thank You so much for reeding this!

Thank you Sandy it was a bliss.

Much Love ❤


(all photographs by @miraicastel )

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