VLOGMAS DAY 3 // Affordable Plant Pot REVIEW!


Have you ever heard of vlogmas? Did you know that I had a YouTube channel? I am participating in vlogmas 2020 this year.

I'm going to be talking about a specific topic each week, this week is my planty gift guide! Affordable plant related gifts to give to your loved ones! I'm keeping these Vlogs short, and fun.



This particular plant pot set I found off of Amazon is a 20 piece set. You got 10 pots and 10 saucers for the price of 29.99 Canadian. Personally I think that is a great option and price for a plant pot, especially when plant pots are hard to come by and usually very expensive. These work out to be about $2.90 each I am linking the 10 pot link because I cannot find the six pot link, they may be out of stock. The price for the 6 pot link is about I think around $23. They are hard durable plastic, and lots of drainage of the bottom of the pot. These are wonderful indoor plant pots that are aesthetically pleasing and come in many different colours! I highly recommend them to anyone who owns plants.



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