Get to know me challenge - day 5 - guilty pleasure

So today's prompt is guilty pleasure. I can probably think of a few different ones. But if you know me as a human being, you would probably know that this one is the biggest one for me.


Sometimes even just chips. Ripple chips. But mostly chips and dip, some people have a sweet tooth in Life, or it could be 50/50 sweet and salty. But me I am 100% a salty kind of girl. In the sense of chips and dip that is! There's not much else I can say in this post. Other than I can eat chips and dip all day long for every meal and every snack. Lately I try to keep it to when I'm drinking and I want a late-night snack and that's my go-to.

The best kind of chips in my opinion is Old Dutch Ripple. I guess I can go off on Old Dutch which is a Winnipeg chip company, Winnipeg is where I'm from. Some people in the States or elsewhere may not know what Old Dutch chip company is but, as for dip, good old sour cream and French onion soup mix. That is the ultimate snack.


Lately I think I'm going to have a new guilty pleasure though if I may say, I'm getting really big into plants and learning all about different types of plants. And I think I might start learning how to propagate all of my plants and make babies out of them so I can have more plants! I did a little bit last night, I will put a picture below, it's a cutting from my rubber tree. It brought me a lot of Joy just to clean the leaves, and stick it in some water. Just so I can make a brand new potted plant come to life again.


I will see you tomorrow for the next prompt, 3 personality traits I am proud of


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