Get to know me challenge! 2020 edition!


I found this fun idea on pinterest, where i spend a large chunk of my day, and thought i would incorporate it into a daily post of getting to know me a little more!

Today's prompt is...
20 facts about me!

  1. Iam newly engaged! 💍👰 Getting married January, 2021!!


  1. I have a almost 11 month old baby girl.


  1. I became a active house plant mom a year ago, and am becomming addicted, will be posting lots more house plant posts soon.


  1. I have a 13 year old cat named meow meow! (Very origional name, i know)


  1. I take a bath almost daily. My bath has jets and fun color changing lights.


  1. I am obsessed with wine, me and my partner @ate-bit-dave grow our own grapes and make our own wine in the summertime.




  1. I am equally obsessed with reading, maybe more obsessed with buying books from the thrift store then reading, but i am trying to change that.
  2. I am double equally obsessed with collecting wine glasses, mostly from thrift stores see photo below of collection of books and wine glasses


  1. I USED to collect shot glasses, I have about 120, when I was younger when people went on a trip I would tell them to get me a shot glass.

  2. I enjoy cooking, but I rarely do, because I'm too OCD with how.. I like eveything laid out in small bowls like on a cooking channel and that takes 10x more time

  3. I LOVE bath and body works 3 wick candles.

  4. I still sleep with my Disney Dalmatian puppy that I named 'patch'... I have had since I was Maybe 5, I am 29 years young this year.


  1. My favorite number is 13 😉

  2. I am always cold, you can find me in warm clothing and slippers, daily


  1. I lost my father in March of 2019, I miss him dearly and wish he was around to see baby Heidi grow! I know he's looking down and enjoying the view from up above.


  1. My favorite go to purfume is "RALPH -by Ralph Lauren"


  1. If I was on death row, my last meal would be spaghetti with meat sauce, 1 cup of FAKE parmesan cheese... 1 day leftover though (spaghetti leftovers are the absolute best!) and a tall glass of ice cold milk.
  1. I am a organized person. In the sence of I love putting things in boxes, storage boxes, containers, totes, having 37 planners.


  1. I hated pop until I became pregnant, now I enjoy a diet pop here and there.. Side fun fact, I can tell the difference between coke and Pepsi! Pepsi is better <\b>
  1. Last but not least, I have a home in the country as we call it where I live, 2 hours north, small town and Large property. A place to wind down, relax, where great memories were made and more great memories to come... and to think of more great steemit posts!


I hope you all enjoyed my post. Tomorrow's post says "meaning of my business name"... I do not own a business, so instead I'm going to modify it and write "meaning of my actual name" because it's cute AF.


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