Christmas Cactus Care!


Merlot Mama here, today's video is all about the Christmas cactus! Do you own a Christmas cactus? Do you want to get one? Does your mom or sister in law have a Christmas cactus and they need help with it? Well I have all of the answers in today's video! I talked about the watering, the lighting, the fertilization, and two different types to propagate. Soil propagation and water propagation.


  1. Lighting
    Keep your Christmas cactus in bright indirect light, east facing is the best. It can tolerate a few hours of direct sun so Southeast is also a good place.

  2. Watering
    You want to let this plant dry out in between waterings. When it is not blooming or growing water it once a month, and you only need to give it about a shot glass of water. When your plant is in the process of blooming, you want to keep the soil moist but not overly wet

  3. Fertilization
    Personally I don't really fertilizes plant, but if you want to fertilize your Christmas cactus I suggest doing it while it is blooming.

For how to propagate, check out my video down below or go to my YouTube! @merlotmama



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