A Quick Update on Active Projects and Health

This past week or so hasn't been exactly what I'd hope for in terms of getting shit cranked out on the HIVE application development side of things. It seems every time that some inspirational or motivational event occurs in my life allowing for a greater ability to work on things materializes it's swiftly brought into check by some other factor and culled.


The Hive.Loans project is "getting there" and by that I mean I'm way the fuck behind schedule and still have a few modules to do some tinkering with before we can really kick off with it. A bit embarrassed on how my original estimate was well over a month now, but at the risk of having permanent body damage it's not something I'm willing to push until my feet fall off. The futures and exchange code still need a small amount of work and the loan side of things just needs the final touches put on the blockchain monitor sentry code and then after that we should be good to go.

As I've made a habit of consistently sucking ass at hitting deadlines I'm just going to stop stating them.. It'll be done when it's done and no amount of anger or my feet falling off is going to expedite the process. It ultimately boils down to me not being able to spend the hours on it I would like to due to my health taking a shit when doing so. HIVE needs this software to flourish, and I'm sorry it's taking so long. Not much I can do to rush it really and that is a shitty thing to admit but it's what it is.


The few days leading up to my feet deciding to swell up to the size of small dogs after stubbing my toe were productive as hell, but the past few days up until today I could barely fucking walk due to swelling, luckily it's subsided now, but my right foot is still pretty bruised up and sore, standing and sitting for any length of time is fucking brutal, so doing what I can in short bursts to not agitate the situation further. Had convinced myself it was a Candida infection in my foot but the more and more I look at the symptoms as a whole the more it's starting to look like fucking gout of all things..

Waiting for this COVID shit to die down a little bit then from there will go get assessed by a doctor.. But until then just trying to eat well, stay off my feet and avoid sitting long hours and sleeping like a normal person, not sure what else to do in the mean time really. It's an honest attempt to make things better or at least gimp along until I can get things done and go get proper checked out.

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