One Last Push


One day before my professional oral exam, just want to describe my personal feeling and what had I done for the preparation. This is something that I want to complete since I graduated from my Master degree since 2017 and now finally I’m at the end of the road and a few more steps to finish up the professional career journey (on to another if I pass all of them).

First, I would want to clear my emotions about the examination. To be honest, I would put it in a way that passing or not is not that important for me. The most important is for me to understand the industry even deeper and take a better perspective into this profession. The architecture profession has always fascinate me especially on creating something from ground zero with that many resources and people involved. Being one good architect really takes tonnes of effort and sweat, even I am not sure whether I could make it. Yet, everything starts from something small and for me, I start with my personal path that I planned, which is diverting into a niche area like green and integration of urban farming. I would take the exam as part of a process of meeting up with client and negotiating the way out for a good deal. Whether or not the deal is strike, there is always a next time and a better terms. Nevertheless, every meeting should be treated as the ultimate one and be as prepared as possible for the examination which covers literally everything under the sun!

Talking about my preparation, I had gone through my personal report that I submitted and passed. So the next step is for me to sit for the oral exam based on my experience and report. The essential skill for oral examination would be more on testing our maturity to handle situation and also our command of technical knowledge when challenged. So rather than thinking this as a disadvantage for myself, I will just take this as another client meet up where I intro myself and try to understand what the client is seeking for (in this case the panel want to know how I can handle situations professionally and ready to service the society with the responsibility and obligation bestow on me). When I am clear about the intention of the panels, that would put me in a better ground to navigate through the session. For your information, the oral will last from 15 minutes to 30 minutes in average. Thus, I will need to be prepared on my personal introduction and also a clear mind that I just need to make my panels comfortable to pass me.

Wishing for the best and finger crossed. And wishing all my friends who are going for the exam good luck too!

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