Teddy Bear Sunflowers 🧸🌻 are looking good. Lots of Sunflowers and Harvesting seeds for next year.🌱🌻🌞

The weather has changed, damp and dull with rain showers, we keep getting told we are heading towards thunder storms but nothing as yet, I love a good thunder storm, its very relaxing.

I have had a lovely lie in whist Hubby made us a meat free roast dinner. I decided last night that its time to declutter my wardrobe, its the place I put things when I am not using them. I made a promise to myself If I hadn't used them for over a year then they can go. I did find my Shiatsu massager my daughters bought for me a couple of year ago, I forgot I had it. I should have been using it on my bad back, its now downstairs next to my chair so I can set it up for later.

Dinner eaten now feeling full, hubby's cooking is getting better, thoroughly enjoyed that. I went outside to check on my Sunflowers. Yesterday I showed my tallest Sunflowers today I am showing my small Sunflowers, Teddy Bears and Topolino's they grow to around 12inches.


Sunflowers grow so tall that the bases look lonely with those big thick stalks, I planted a few Teddy Bear's and Topolino's to fill out around the base. They are beautiful little flowers but not sure how to harvest seeds from these little heads. More research needed.

I am getting a good amount of seeds from my tall Sunflowers, I have harvested a handful of seeds from my first head, I have 2 heads still drying out, it won't be long before I am puling these for next year. I will leave these seeds for a couple of days to make sure they have dried out, give them a good shake to remove anything that may be hiding amongst the seeds then the seeds should be easy to remove. I am going to add all the seeds I remove from all my heads into the same pot so next year I will get a good mixture for next year.


I need to get my trays out from the greenhouse line them with kitchen foil and place them on the windowsill where they will dry out then saved for next years crops.

I have 4 beautiful Sunflowers at the moment, on the same stalks I have a number of buds still opening, they should open soon giving me a lot more Sunflowers with a lot more seeds to be harvested for next year.

Red Sunflowers


I am very proud of what I have achieved this year, The only thing I don't like doing is emptying the pot once the Sunflowers have died. The root from these are quite big and grow deep into the soil. Its depressing when its the end of the season and all my beautiful flowers die off leaving my garden dull and boring.

Time for me to give my Shiatsu massager a go an hopefully it will help my back. It will then be bedtime AGAIN. The week are flying over, it will soon be Christmas and another New Year. Someone please slow down Father time, at least make the weekend last longer.

Thank you for visiting. πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

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