My second Sunflower 🌻 has opened plus a beautiful Rose 🌹. I Love 💘 my garden.

With all the commotion going on with us taking a Covid test I didn't get out into my garden until watering time. Its been a lovely day so they were ready for a drink. Im finding my Sunflowers drink loads, I like to keep there pots wet as the Sun soon dries them out.

I measured one of my Sunflowers last week, it was 5ft 7ish, when I went out today I thought that it had grown more as did hubby so he went and measured it again, its now 6ft but still waiting for the Sunflower to bud, its nearly there.

I did notice I have my second Sunflower, this one has a darker red tinge to it.


They are beautiful flowers, there are quite a few buds getting ready to bloom, I'm looking forward to having a lot more Sunflower blooms. They brighten my garden up alot.

Another flower that brightens my garden up are my Roses, they are beautiful. I was watering the plants when I moved a few leaves to find this beauty sitting waiting to be noticed.


Isn't she beautiful. I was hoping to get a few buds then take them down to my mother in law but with now being in isolation we can't go anywhere. My garden will have to be my escape for the next 10 days, hopefully the weather stays good so I can sit out there and enjoy what I have grown.

Thank you for visiting. 💟💟

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