Its my party and I'll cry if I want to.😂 No crying here had lots of fun now its bedtime. 🛏💤😴

Its been lovely hectic noisy day, I had a little birthday party just me hubby \my 2 daughters and there partners. There was lots to eat actually far to much to eat, plenty left over for tomorrow saving us from cooking. I have been up far to early, I am needing my bed.

My birthday isn't until tomorrow, I had the party today so everyone would get Sunday to rest ready for the week to start.

Nichola took a lovely photo of her, her sister and there partners, I am definitely getting this one framed for my family wall.

TWATS 2.jpg

Jessica and her partner bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers that look and smell gorgeous, I am opening my other presents tomorrow.

Birthday flowers 1.jpg

Birthday flowers 2.jpg

I didn't want a big birthday cake as I usually end up throwing half away, my daughter and hubby chose my cake, this one is just for me, it will have to wait for tomorrow to be eaten as I am stuffed.

Birthday cake.jpg

That is me done for today, over fed and over tired means time for bed. I have nothing planned for my birthday other than lying in for as long as I possibly can then do absolutely nothing.

Thank you for Visiting. 💟

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