Hubby was funny last night👨🍺🍺 Time in the garden with my Sunflowers. 🌻🌻 so many surprises. 🌻😯🥰

Last night wasn't a good night. I had a headache, laying in bed hubby starts snoring and felt like someone was banging on my head every time he snored, with my daughter not being here I decided to sleep in her bed as it would have been quieter and I could open the window to cool down. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard hubby getting up, he had a few to many whisky's last night making him restless. I then heard him go downstairs, I thought it was for a drink. He came into my daughters room saying I have been searching the house for you, I thought you had left me. I told him about my headache and how is snoring was so loud. He told me to go back to bed he can't sleep by himself Thankfully he didn't snore again. When he woke up this morning after his shower I mentioned what had happened, he can't remember it happening.

He then left me in be as I was still shattered and ,my head still hurt. I lay in for quite a while then woke up around lunch time feeling better and ready to do some work in my garden.

The weather is dry and the winds have stopped. I had thought I would be removing a few more Sunflower Heads today so armed with my cutter in hand ready to do some be-heading but to my surprise none of the heads were ready to be removed plus I had a few new heads that have opened, I got quite a few surprises.

MY SUNFLOWERS 26/09/2021

Sunflowers 1  26th Sept.jpg

I checked each plant then gave them a good watering, they seem to still be happy, I was expecting quite a few of them to be dying of due to the change of Season and the weather being a lot cooler.

I am loving this years garden, I love growing Sunflowers, I had quite a big patch of Sunflowers but net year my Sunflower patch is going to be a lot bigger. I have learned a lot this year about Sunflowers and the different varieties and colours you can now get.

Here are a few photos of todays Sunflowers, One plant has 2 heads growing together with a bid just behind it. I have taken a photo from the side and front to show you how it looks.

Sunflowers 2  26th Sept.jpg

The next photographs are from a few new Sunflowers, These are tallish Sunflowers but they look like baby Sunflowers and a couple of Topolino Sunflowers that only grow around 15inches.

Sunflowers 3  26th Sept.jpg

Sunflowers 4  26th Sept.jpg

My flowers still have a lot of colour, they are gorgeous just hope I can harvest lots of seeds from them for me to grow next year. Next Years garden is going to be extra special as I will be using my very own Sunflower seeds. I have 6 pots filled with Seeds and 6 empty pots waiting to be filled.


Seeds 3  26tth Sept.jpg

This year has been my favourite since I started gardening 4 years ago, I started off growing so many different flowers that did brighten my garden up but with being disabled it was to much work. Growing only a couple of flowers *I do have few perennial plants that come back each year, the Sunflowers are the only ones that I am growing from seed. They have given me so much pleasure growing them, watching my babies thrive and seeing Bee's loving them too has been amazing. 2021 has been a great year 2022 is going to be bigger and better and I can't wait to get started.

Thank you for visiting. 💟💟

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