Having to take a break 😪 ☕️ need time to recover. ⏰️ 🛌 👋

I am having a hard time mending myself. I always suffer when I go out shopping, It usually takes me a day or Two to get myself back on my feet but this time its been much worse. I went out on Saturday for a meal and a little shopping, Its Tuesday now and I'm still recovering. I'm finding it hard to do anything, writing this is difficult even though I'm using a keyboard my arms keep freezing up.

I think its best if I take a couple of days away and rest as much as possible. I'm hoping this is just a one time thing and not going to be how things are from now on.


I hope you are all well and I will hopefully be back very soon in a better state.

Take care everyone.

Bye for now. 😊

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