Another Fibromylagia flare up, Lady Gaga knows what I am talking about. 💊😣😭

Thursday at last, nearly the weekend. Sadly today I am suffering really bad with a Fibromylagia flare up, I hate this condition, my body is aching especially my shoulders and arms, typing this is becoming difficult as feels like my shoulders and arms are seizing up. This may be a short post.


My worst points are around the neck and shoulders, the pain shoots down my arms making them difficult to use. I also get a tension pain in my head that doesn't help. I have had these pains for years just kept saying either growing pains whilst I was growing up then old age pains, found out around 5 years ago that it was a condition called Fibromyalgia. I take medication but doesn't help on the bad days.

Lady Gaga suffers badly with this condition, she has had to cancel shows through this, she looks so fit but suffers badly. She has helped bring the condition out and show others how hard it is to live with.

I was reading a post yesterday where a lady was talking about her life living with Fibro, she wanted to end her life as she couldn't do anything nor could she ease the pain. The medication numbs it for a little while, its always there and on flare up days you can feel the pain getting stronger as the day progresses. I wish I could take something to make me sleep through it, there is no relief, no sleep and no peace.

This condition doesn't help my Mental Health as it brings me down feeling useless and just wanting to disappear. I was going to sit in the shower under the hot water but getting in and out isn't easy and causes more distress. With having to take clothes off and on using my arms would be impossible and don't think my hubby or daughter would appreciate me walking around the house naked.

On days like today my day is hard work as just trying to move an arm takes a lot of energy, moving is very hard especially around my neck and arms. I also have the pain from falling down the stairs last October, that pain is very intense. My MRI scan isn't until the 20th March that is just under a month to wait. Its been nearly 4 month since my accident with no improvement. I think I have damaged something, not sure what. The pain is in my lower back, sides and stomach area, not sure if its all linked, hopefully my appointment will sort it out.

I am going to take my achy bones to bed where hopefully I can find a comfortable spot, patches on my knee and a handful of medication to get me through the night, Its going to be a long night.

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