Saying Goodbye...

When you get woken up by an unexpected early morning phone call from a family member across the country, you usually know it's not going to be good news.

Erics portrait cropped 675x503.jpg

Such was the case this week. Woke up in the early hours because of a phone call from one of my Aunts. I thought it might be about my elderly grandma; she's in her late 90's. But I was shocked to hear that my cousin, who was in his 40's, had unexpectedly passed away in the middle of the night.

drawing in gallery.jpg

I had to work at the art gallery that day, so I bought some art stuff with me. I decided to process in one of the only (healthier) ways I know how - to get lost in art and to create something in his honor. I sketched for a while and then decided to do a simple black and white portrait in charcoal. It seemed right.

Here is what came out of that drawing time.

Erics portrait full 675x506.jpg

In the photo I was using for reference, he was in a log cabin in long sleeves, casually leaning over a table. That's what I wanted to capture.

Erics portrait cropped 675x503.jpg

And I wanted to show his kind face.

Eric close up.jpg

As I left the gallery, I noticed an amazing sunset across the street. So I headed down to the water to just soak in the view and appreciate the beauty.

Sunset for Eric.jpg

He's the "last light" from that night. This is for you, Eric.

Last light laguna.jpg

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