It's My Birthday! Come Celebrate With Me

Hi there! It's my birthday today and I'm going to bring you with me on my adventures!

front door.jpg

So, I'm standing at my front door; where should we go?

Oh wait, I think I need some French Press to go.

french press.jpg

Ahh that's better. Off to drop the kiddos off at school.

Quick pit stop to the credit union to cash a birthday gift check (thanks mom-in-law!) and put some garden business money in (glad I've got a job; now to convert it to Steem, digital fiat? Hmm, still need to figure out how to do that. Add that to my mental list of things to do after my birthday is over.)


Look what I just found in my purse?! I bought this a while ago and it slipped into a dark corner of my purse before I took it out of it's little package. Wow, Happy birthday! I'm going to wear it today. Ta-da!

my birthday.jpg

Oh, one more quick stop. I need to return some movies I rented from Redbox (yes, I actually physically rent movies. I know that's very funny, but I like it) OOOOH, look what's right outside the store - lots of little succulent planters. Makes me happy.


succulents in container.jpg

I want to take you to one of my favorite coffee shops in the world, but let's drive a different way and see what we discover. Oh I have to stop and look at this cute little house. Isn't this beautiful?

cute house.jpg


I bet if we keep going straight we'll get to the harbor. I think there is a street that will get us a good view.

harbor view.jpg

Yes! Here it is. You can see Newport Harbor and then beyond that is the ocean, and it's clear today so we can see all the way to Catalina island in the distance. Ahh I love it when you can see Catalina (its 26 miles to Catalina from here.).

succlents on hillside.jpg

The succulents and drought tolerant plants here on this lookout are really beautiful. A nice collection for sure.


Ok, now I want to take you to that coffee shop/restaurant that I was telling you about. It's called Alta and I've been coming here since I was a kid. It's my creative place.

alta inside.jpg

There is always new art on display and it has a very bohemian vibe. It used to be a boat repair shop, but it was converted into a restaurant.


They have a mug rack where customer's can keep their own mug (come to think of it, in all the years I've been coming here, I've never left one here to use. Gotta do that!)

alta spot.jpg

Let's sit in my favorite spot. I brought my new journal sketch pad so I can start something new. This is what I got.

walk in the direction.jpg

Brunch is here. Juevos rancheros with black beans. Yummm.

jevos rancheros.jpg

I am so satisfied and happy right now. I know where I want to take you next. One of my most favorite drives - driving down Pacific Coast Highway into Laguna Beach. There are so many great things to see along this drive.


But look, look, this is one of my favorite parts of the drive. Isn't that a cool view?

favorite drive.jpg

Ah, here we are in Laguna. Ok, I've been wanting to stop into this cool little plant shop. Let's go explore what they've got. Lots of things to look at. I think I've found my happy place.

plant shop.jpg


Let's go look at some of the art galleries. Such beautiful artwork. Oh what are they saying? Oh ... no photographs. Ok, we'll just have to remember the art in our minds. Such diverse art, very inspiring to me.

Hey look what's right across the street. I can see the ocean. Let's go check it out!

ocean view.jpg

This is amazing. Look at these views?! I completely forgot that this viewing area and big path was here. I'm so glad that we decided to check this out. I'm coming back here for sure. I want to go down to the water next time.

the water.jpg

Wow, is it already time to get my kiddos? Time has flown. Let's go pick them up,

birthday card.jpg

Awwww, here's one of the cards they made for me. My heart is all filled up!

Let's rest for a minute, and take a look at the little treasures I found today. I've got some art brochures, some glass beads, some little cards and some good gardening books. I couldn't be happier.


Well, the love of my life just walked in the door, so I guess I actually could be happier! Yay. Time for a little family adventure. Sorry the car is going to be a little squished now. Just scooch over a bit so you can all fit.

Hey let's drive our car up onto the ferry and go over to Balboa Island for a special birthday dinner tonight.


After a couple of kids' getting bloody noses, complaints, and some general indecision about what and where to eat (mostly on my part, 'cause it's hard to decide!) we've finally made it.

A toast! To a lovely day. Some wonderful exploring; some time to draw and write; and food with people I love.

Last stop, time to try the classic "Balboa Bar" that they've been serving up since 1945.

balboa bar.jpg

Thanks for coming on this adventure with me and celebrating my birthday. We should do this again some time!!

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