Who have you helped the most?


​​Who have I helped the most? I'm asking myself this question as I review my life. For example, who have I helped the most, Vietnamese or Americans? Better, who have I helped the most, camp campers as a counselor in the USA or as a teacher in Vietnam?

I am asking those questions more so now than before. As we grow in maturity, we grow in perspective reflection as we learn to reflect as a way to grow and prepare for our destiny and future.

These are questions we all can ask ourselves. Who have I helped the most, children or adults? Who have I helped the most, Christians or non-Christians? Who have I helped the most, males or females?

Who have I helped the most, people more like me or people less like me? Who have I helped the most, people that want my help or people that do not want my help?

Who have I helped the most, the LEFT or the RIGHT? Who have I helped the most, people that know me more or people that know me less? Where have I helped people the most, online or offline?

Where have I helped people the most, Vietnam or USA? Could I help better in other countries?



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What kind of things, that I do and have done, have helped people the most in my life? I was asking myself these questions today while thinking about my life and the people in my life.

I first became a counselor in 2005 and I was asking myself where my campers go. I wonder if I helped or not. Do they remember me? Did I help enough? Jesus helped people.

One guy came back and said thank you to Jesus. Only one guy. So, I know people don't come back to the people that helped them to say thanks. A lot of people did not say thanks to Jesus. So, I know I help people. I know they don't come back to say thanks most of the time.

But I am still thinking about all of this.​ I am thinking about Vietnamese I have been helping for five years now. I think about different groups of people. That includes people in Hawaii, Oregon, California, Washington State, New York, West Virginia, and now Vietnam. Those are the top seven places of my life, Joey Arnold, from 1985 to 2017, right now, my first 32 years of life. I was in Idaho & in states on the East Coast. Plus, Quebec.

We help family the most, & also friends, secondly. Plus, perhaps church friends or other kinds of groups maybe thirdly. I kind of understand all of this to different extents and stuff but I am still asking myself and asking others as I review and as I determine what kind of life I want to have and make in the future.

I am still trying to find myself and I am trying to figure out how I can become more effective, efficient, in helping others. What am I better at? I am trying to better organize my priorities of what people want me to do and what I want to do with what I know how to do and what I am better at doing too. All of it is a big puzzle. I challenge you to do the same and to continue to do the same as we all do this sometimes.

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