Salvation Army

They saved us when we needed food and money like Steemit is helping people now. The Salvation Army gave us food during Christmas in the 1990's when I was a boy in Oregon, USA. I went to their camps during my teens in the early 2000's and then came back as a counselor for 3 years and also counseled at camps with Word Of Life too in different states.

I became a Soldier, which means a member, in the Salvation Army in 2010 after the death of Blake Webb, and I went to work at Camp Redwood Glen. Met Farmer Hanna there. I was at a Salvation Army young adult retreat in August 2010 and met Sharon Clayton. In 2007, met Lincoln Hawk & also Mike & Matt Kurtz. My sister, Crystal, inspired me to work with The Salvation Army. There are many amazing people I met because of The Salvation Army.

I was in Revolution Hawaii 2007 - 2008.

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