Parental Welfare


1 in 3 young adults live with their parents. Is that a good or bad thing? In Asia, that trend can be even higher than it has been in America or at least it has been but even that has been changing more so after the 1990's it would seem. When parents allow their children to stay or to return home, is that helping or hurting?


Is it a form of welfare that can be counterproductive or is it better to let kids stay home for as long as possible? Each person, each child, is different, so you should take it at a case by case basis. Generally, as parents, you should treat your kids as grownups when they're grownups. You probably should give them the rules as they grow up, gradually, and when the time comes, charge your kids some rent that can either be payable financially, via money, cash, cryptocurrencies, or compensated by labor, work, services, chores, duties.

Teach them how to fish.

Shock! 1 in 3 Young Adults Still Live With Their Parents!


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