2018-01-18 Thursday Review

Camera scanned pictures, video tapes, audio tapes, and stuff. Made a 20 minute video review of a 2,500 words Richard Scarry dictionary and a baby rabbit at home book. These were books I had as a kid. Had some soup and a mommy home grown carrots. Mom gave me books about Mormons, old Appalachian grandmother cookbooks/stories, things about history. Mom read through the book of knowledge. We made more room in the big garage. We also have a small internal garage as well. Watching through season 5 of Ray Donovan. Helping mom/Larry in cleaning the house, organizing, and everything this week, since Tuesday. Came here Monday night. Was in Vietnam 5 years teaching English until 2017. Visited dad Thanksgiving and now mom. Was born 1985 February 11 in Forest Grove, Oregon. My mom, Marilyn Kathleen Morehead, born 1951 July 3rd in Seattle or around there. Dad, Donald Melvin Rasp (adopted into the Arnold family) born 1950 September 26 in Los Angeles. I'm OJAWALL, AKA the Original Oatmeal Joseph Scott Arnold or Joey Arnold and this is my daily diary blog journal post featuring photos and videos and maybe some links sometimes and stuff. I try to post one diary post a day for my autobiography. I also may try to post other kinds of posts/videos/etc that can benefit people in better ways.

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