Seven days without a post makes one weak...

I've been upvoting and commenting, but I see I haven't written anything in a while. Time to create some content! Let's see, I have a neat cloud photo from last evening I meant to post...


We've had enough rain now that I think I can have the occasional evening bonfire again. Unfortunately, we've also had the annual change to cold nights that leave my back perpetually achy.

I am working on some drafting projects again. I need to look up more ADA codes, because part of my current project is a tiny (ish) house that maintains wheelchair accessibility. It's a challenge to include turning spaces and appliance access in a smaller footprint where so many designs focus on more... creative... solutions that rely on people being able-bodied. Once I finish the accessible plan, I intend to draw a version with more of those kinds of ideas to pack more use into the envelope. I keep hoping I can find a good way to share the PDF blueprints on the HIVE blockchain directly, or as an NFT on another chain.

Library life is proceeding. No mask or vax mandates yet. We have been able to have live music events, a craft day, and a Dungeons & Dragons adventure in person with some allowances for extra distancing.


It was time for home-made dairy-free pizza again tonight. For the sauce, I used a 14.5 oz. can of diced tomatoes with green chilis, an 8 oz. can of tomato sauce, a generous dash of garlic powder, and an even more generous dash of italian seasoning. I again used slices of Daiya "provalone" since the shreds don't result in a proper sheet of melty cheesy goodness, but I sprinkled some Daiya shreds on top as well. Toppings include hot Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, and pineapple. Pineapple goes on pizza, and that is a hill on which I will stand, fight, and die if need be.

Speaking of fighting, I plan to continue writing about firearms for survival. I have been sorting some ideas for how to best structure a short series around my opinions and current events. You'll have to take my pineapple pizza out of my cold, dead, greasy hands! So if you really want to fight me about pineapple on pizza, just assume I have an AK and leave me alone, OK?

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