Stillwater, MN. A Mother's Day Excursion ~ #almostsummer

As you all are probably well aware, Sunday was Mother's Day. My wife deserves more than she gets credit for, so although I'm not big on the socio-economic side of the day, ie. flowers, card, gifts and things, the day is hers and every decision I leave up to her.

I mean, she'll ask, "Well what do you want to do? What do you want to eat?, etc" My only reply is "it's your day. Pick something, anything. So she picked to take the kids to Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater, a nice 40 minute drive.


According to my wife, this park was gifted to the city by an anonymous donor and cost 5 million dollars. Check it out.

My daughter Deya had to get in a silly picture with the giant teddy bear of course.






The kids had a lot of fun going down the slides and playing in the sand. The sun was out, a cool breeze was blowing through, and people were out enjoying themselves. It felt like Summer was almost here.

After the kids got their sillies out, we headed down to the water for a lil picnic.

The Stillwater Lift Bridge


There's actually a brewery in town with the same name, Liftbridge Brewery, pretty good beer too.

We even stuck around long enough to see it get raised up to let some bigger boats through.


The Avalon however, just made a U-turn.




I think old boats like these with their paddle motors are really neat.

We tried getting a few nice family pics for the wife on her special day, but with three kids 4 and under, it's kinda like herding cats. This is the best we could do, lol.



All in all, a happy momma bear means a successful Mother's Day.

Hope yours was just as swell.

You ever been to Stillwater? What did you think?